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Transcript of UCU Branch Delegates Meeting 28 March 2018 - Discussing UUK Proposal

This is a transcript of the meeting that was typed in situ by a delegate in real time. It highlights some important points (in green) and the branches returning revise and resubmit or doubts feedback from their members.

We have not counted delegates who changed their members response on the basis of the documents shown in the meeting - we have only counted what their members actually told them, whatever the delegate's powers of divination.

Update: see Keele Branch's update in the comments below, and the York entry that has ??? can be changed to a members ballot that voted overwhelmingly to ballot the membership on the offer.

Comparing 12 March Offer v 22 March Proposal

One of our members has put together this very useful comparison of the UUK offer form the 12 Mar and the current proposal sent to UCU, and distributed to members on 22 Mar.

" community" unless you're in senior management!

In a recent message to staff about the USS pension strike the Provost declared that we are all "one community", however new evidence has emerged that, if true, shows some members of this community are in a different boat to the rest of us.

A document has been circulated to UCL's Academic Board after being leaked. It appears to have been prepared by UCL in response to a Freedom of Information Request, as it was leaked with an FOI tag. The document shows the remuneration packages of Members of the Provost's VPs team and the Provost himself. Its accuracy was partly confirmed at a Feb Town Hall meeting that voted no confidence in UCL's governance when Rex Knight (VP Operations) publicly stated that he had a bonus, and stated the amount.

If the document is genuine, we believe that UCL has been sitting on this FOI response waiting to release it later rather than sooner. If one was to speculate, one would say it would be politically sensitive to release it while the US…