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Motions for EGM of Thurs 14 June 2018

Motions for debateInternational (non-EU) staff; Tier 4 Student Monitoring and 'Hostile immigration environment'; Congress disruptions

Motion 1: International (non-EU) Staff and Detrimental TreatmentUCL UCU notes:
That the UK government’s Hostile Immigration Environment (H.I.E.) severely impacts international non-EU UCL staff members:onerous application fees for visas, residence, and naturalisation, + NHS surchargeshindering career development due to uninterrupted residence requirementsThat 12.1% of UK academic staff are non-EU international citizens (source: HESA);That UCL defines itself as 'London’s Global University';That current UCL mitigation of the H.I.E. falls short of standards adopted by other UK academic institutions, consisting only of:Reimbursing costs of in- and out-of-country visas/visa renewals and Further-Leave-to Remain only for Tier-2 and Tier-1 visa holders; and,A maximally £10,000 immigration loan that needs to be repaid within 12 months.UCL UCU believ…

Tier 4 Visa Monitoring - Draft for discussion at 5 June 2018 Meeting

This is a draft document for discussion at the Tier 4 Visa Monitoring Meeting supported by UCL UCU Branch, End discrimination against international students at UCL!  Open meeting for Staff and Students 5th June, 16.00, Elvin Hall at UCL Institute of Education (20 Bedford Way)

Draft for Discussion on 5th June Statement of Principles on Tier 4 visa monitoring As staff and students at UCL, we recognise that international students lie at the heart of our institution. International students make an invaluable contribution to UCL’s dynamic intellectual climate and the important diversity of our university community. These are priorities which are consistent with UCL’s Global Engagement Strategy, including its commitment to cultivating global outlooks and sharing academic expertise for solving global problems through extending the global reach of our teaching, research, and academic partnerships.[1] Since 2012, universities have been increasingly involved in monitoring the compliance of internation…