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Elections to Academic Board's new Governance Committee - Deadline 29 June - our view

The below message was sent out to all our members. It concerns the elections being held to the new Academic Board Governance Committee that was established through a vote at Academic Board. See our report on the Special Meeting where this happened. On such a crucial issue we have given our view of the kind of list of candidates that would fight secure academic values in the face of Senior Management control.

Message begins
This message is especially directed at our members on Academic Board, but it is important that the wider membership is aware of what is happening too.

A new Governance Committee has been set up by academic board after an unprecedented Special Meeting on which we recently reported. This committee is charged with scrutinizing decisions and policies at UCL for their impact on academic work and academic community (including the work of those who support academics in their work).

It is essential that this committee works for academic values, freedom, and community, and repre…