UCL Staff Survey Results: An Overworked, Underpaid, Workforce suffering a culture of bullying! Whilst VPs get bonuses

The UCL 2017 staff survey results are finally out, and what they reveal about UCL is really upsetting - it points to  an overworked, underpaid workforce with a culture of bullying:
·        I can meet the requirements of my job without regularly working excessive hours (60% disagree)
·        Compared to people working in similar roles in other organisations, I feel my pay is fair (59% disagree)
·        I have witnessed bullying/harassing behaviour at UCL in the last two years (25% agreed)

 This is the same time in which Phil Harding, UCL Director of Finance, chose (on behalf of UCL senior management) to cheer on the UUK charge to slash university pensions, as this Freedom of Information request shows

Not only that, but this is at a time when it has been revealed that senior managers are getting performance bonuses on top of their pay packets at UCL

Full results of survey here.


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